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Monday, October 5


Complex Applications in Containers - Jan Pazdziora, Red Hat
When containerizing applications, the traditional approach calls for putting each component into its own container which does just the one thing, listens on one or few ports, and stores its configuration and data in a single location. Then we need to add a way to tie these containerized components together into a working solution. However, how about applications whose purpose is to integrate multiple components and daemons, packaging them into one working solution?

FreeIPA is such an application, bringing easy WebUI and CLI interfaces to otherwise complex technologies including Kerberos, directory services, DNS, and certificate management, resulting in a unified identity and authentication provider under one umbrella, with common installer. In this talk, we will look at the approach we took with containerizing this complex application suite.

avatar for Jan Pazdziora

Jan Pazdziora

Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Jan is member of Red Hat's Identity Management group. He focuses on enabling the use of external identity and authentication providers in projects and products, making it easier to deploy the software in large organizations, as well as finding better ways to structure new applica... Read More →

Monday October 5, 2015 15:00 - 15:50
Tuesday, October 6


Building Open Source Networking with Open Source - Adam Johnson, Midokura
The founders of today’s open source distributed systems were once responsible for building the distributed systems for Amazon and Google.

Their entrepreneurial spirit drove them to building distributed virtual networking system for enterprises looking for Amazon-like clouds on-premise. They quickly found that the traditional network monitoring tools (such as TCP Dump, Wireshark and Traceroute) that once worked with the physical networks are no longer able to provide visibility into the virtual networks.

Choosing open source technologies such as Zoom, Cassandra, and Prometheus as building blocks, discover how these architects applied open source technologies to not only design their distributed network virtualization system from scratch but also to build the monitoring tools to provide visibility back into the virtual network.


Susan Wu

Director of Technical Marketing, Midokura
Susan is the Director of Technical Marketing at Midokura. Susan previously led product positions for Oracle/Sun, Citrix, AMD and Docker. She is a frequent speaker for industry conferences like OSCON, OpenStack Summit, Interop ITX, Container World, All Things Open, Linuxcon/CloudOpen/Containercon... Read More →

Tuesday October 6, 2015 11:30 - 12:20
Liffey Meeting 3


Monitoring and Controlling Cache Allocation For Quality of Service Guarantees in Linux - Matt Fleming, Intel
With simultaneous threads competing for processor shared resources like
cache, it could result in cache contention leading to negative impact on
key Quality of Service guarantees. In this talk, Vikas will discuss
using cache monitoring and allocation support in Linux kernel based on
perf and cgroup, which provides a lightweight, powerful tool to address
such cache QOS issues by providing reasonably accurate ways to monitor
and allocate cache. Vikas will discuss challenges faced to using the
feature in cloud, containers context and clients. The talk will discuss
enterprise benchmark data focussing on cache contention issues, the
measured improvements using the feature, the challenges involved in
Kernel to overcome limited hardware resources,allocating cache resource
per thread,per socket,issue of segregating instruction and data in
allocations and issues in context switching.


Matt Fleming

Matt Fleming is a Senior Linux kernel engineer at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, and leads the Linux Core CPU Enabling team. Matt has made numerous contributions to the Linux kernel and has filled various roles in Open Source projects, from individual contributor to project... Read More →

Tuesday October 6, 2015 14:00 - 14:50
Wicklow Meeting 1


Containers, Friend or Foe to Hybrid Cloud - Jared Wray, CenturyLink
Just when you thought open-source IaaS cloud technology was maturing and you were ready to follow the herd, along comes the next disruptor…Containers. Container technology, frequently referred to by monikers such as LXC, Docker, and Rocket, is on an accelerated adoption curve compared to comparatively ancient cloud Infrastructure as a Service technologies like OpenStack and CloudStack. Will container technology make your current private cloud initiatives irrelevant?

Speaker on this topic is Jared Wray,


Jared Wray

Sr. Lead Marketing Manager, CenturyLink
Executive Bio: Jared Wray Title: Chief Technology Officer for CenturyLink Cloud Jared Wray is an early cloud pioneer and visionary architect. As founder and CTO of Tier 3, Wray architected the Tier 3 cloud and built it into an industry-recognized cloud innovation and performance... Read More →

Tuesday October 6, 2015 15:00 - 15:50
Wicklow Meeting 1