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Embedded Linux Conference [clear filter]
Monday, October 5


BoFs: kernelci.org: Upstream Kernel Testing - Kevin Hilman, Linaro
The kernelci.org project is currently doing hundreds of boot tests for upstream kernels on a wide variety of hardware. This BoF will provide a very brief overview of kernelci.org and then be a forum for discussion and feature requests.

avatar for Kevin Hilman

Kevin Hilman

co-founder, Sr. Engineer, BayLibre
Kevin has been a Linux user since 1994, and a kernel hacker since 1999 when he started writing drivers and working on kernel ports to new embedded platforms. He has been a driver/kernel developer for Equator Technologies, MontaVista, Texas Instruments, Linaro and currently a co-founder... Read More →

Monday October 5, 2015 10:30 - 11:20
Wicklow Hall 2A


Extending Android's Platform Toolsuite - Karim Yaghmour, Opersys
While Google does a great job at providing app developers with polished tools, its platform development tools are either lacking or undocumented at best. Combining this with the fact that Android is a fairly complex and undocumented code-base makes the delivery of Android-based products a challenging value-proposition.

This talk will explain the work we've done on creating more than half a dozen open source platform development tools for Android. We'll describe, for instance, how we've used the popular Node.js framework to create web-based platform tools for monitor binder interactions, processes and file operations. We'll also describe how we've created Java-based command line tools and packaged them as APKs by showing how the open source Reverse AIDL tool works.

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Karim Yaghmour

CEO, Opersys inc.
Karim is part serial entrepreneur, part unrepentant geek. He's most widely know for his O'Reilly books: "Building Embedded Linux Systems" and "Embedded Android". As an active member of the open source community since the mid-90's, he pioneered the world of Linux tracing with the Linux... Read More →

Monday October 5, 2015 15:00 - 15:50
Liffey Meeting 2
Tuesday, October 6


Improving Drone Flight Safety Through Machine Learning - Jonathan Pelham, IVHM Centre, Cranfield University
The safe operation of drones(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) requires a large base of knowledge about both the aircraft itself, the aircraft mission, the environment within which you operate and the support structures available to you. Hobbyists, owner operators, & small businesses are unable to take advantage of some of the benefits offered by SMS(Safety Management Systems) and FOQA(Flight operations Quality assurance) programs in use by large aerospace companies to improve safety, reduce operational cost, and improve through life health management. This study looks at the use of an artificial immune system to process flight data and provide analysis and a framework within which to interpret results to help operators improve their flying.

avatar for Jonathan Pelham

Jonathan Pelham

Researcher, IVHM Centre, Cranfield University
Jonathan G. Pelham has a BEng in Aerospace from Sheffield University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Robotics from the University of Western England. He is currently a PhD student in the Integrated Vehicle Health Management Centre at Cranfield University. His current research focus... Read More →

Tuesday October 6, 2015 11:30 - 12:20
Wicklow Hall 2B


Device Tree NG BoF
Device Tree development seems to be accelerating, and new concepts are being introduced (and I am one of the parties responsible).
A BoF that addresses the new kernel facilities will be helpful to embedded developers that want to use it.
Topics covered:
* Device Tree Overlays
* Device Tree Changesets
* Device Tree variants (quirks) for significantly reducing the number of DTs for minor board differences.
* Using Device Tree for device dependencies and fixing the probe order mess.
* Dynamic Device Tree node generation for probeable devices.
* Writing a Device Tree Overlay manager for your own board.

and more.

avatar for Pantelis Antoniou

Pantelis Antoniou

Kernel Engineer, Konsulko Group
Pantelis Antoniou has been an active Linux kernel developer for more than 14 years, working for companies like Texas Instruments, Mentor Graphics and NVIDIA. He is a founder and senior staff software architect at Konsulko Group. Having brought many Linux based products to market... Read More →

Tuesday October 6, 2015 18:30 - 19:20
Wicklow Hall 1