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Monday, October 5


Making Open Source Robotics Approachable: The Future is Now! - James Ketrenos, Intel
Robots and multi-rotor coptors have made their way into our lives. Whether it's a robotic vacuum cleaner or a first-person-view quad-copter racing through trees, today's devices are the toys we always dreamed of having as kids. Computational performance, power utilization, thermals, and weight have all reached a tipping point where we can now feasibly build and deploy intelligent robotic devices to improve our lives: they can now see, hear, and interact with the world.

Attend this presentation to get a introduction to the general problems in maker robotics and learn about the open source projects which have emerged over the last few years in an effort to bring robotics to the masses. Building a robot is no longer something that takes years of research--the technologies and capabilities previously only available in science fiction are now at your fingertips.


James Ketrenos

Open Source Software Engineer, Intel
James' career at Intel has taken him from wireless Linux kernel development, up the stack to Javascript based run-times, and to many points in between. Most recently, James has been able to combine his hobby of robotics into his professional focus--working to make intelligent robot... Read More →

Monday October 5, 2015 11:30 - 12:20
Wicklow Hall 2A


OpenEmbedded: If We Had to Start All Over, What Would We Do Different - Koen Kooi, Linaro
The OpenEmbedded project has entered its second decade now and can be called fairly successful. With the 10+ years of experience and user feedback we have now, what would we do different?
This presentation will talk about how components are split now like bitbake and metadata being seperate projects as well as how they are governed. A large portion of this presentation will be about explaining the fundamental ideas behind OE (machine, distro and image are orthogonal) and how it has influenced the design and workflow and how we would do it differently with the experience we have now.
The last portion will deal with commercial interests like companies using OE for a shipping products or for testing and validating their software like Linaro does.

avatar for Koen Kooi

Koen Kooi

Release Damager, Linaro
Koen is the lead developer of the Angstrom distribution, a core developer of the OpenEmbedded project. He works for Linaro as the release manager as his day job.

Monday October 5, 2015 14:00 - 14:50
Wicklow Hall 1


Overview of PCI(e) Subsystem - Kishon Vijay Abraham, Texas Instruments
With Linux starting to be widely used in Automotive and Industrial, an increased number of PCIe RC (host) drivers are being added to the Linux Kernel. Linux provides a comprehensive PCI subsystem to be used by both the RC drivers and the PCI(e) device drivers.

In this presentation, Kishon and Vignesh will give an overview of the PCI(e) subsystem using the knowledge acquired during the development of PCIe RC driver for DRA7xx, explaining the overall architecture of the PCI(e) subsystem and the Linux PCI(e) subsystem internals on bus scanning, address space management, power management, message signaled interrupt handling, hotplug support and device tree binding. They will also share their ideas on improving the test infrastructure for PCI(e) in Linux Kernel.

avatar for Kishon Vijay Abraham

Kishon Vijay Abraham

Software Design Engineer, Texas Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Kishon is an active contributor to the Linux Kernel since 2010, developing and up-streaming linux device drivers for various TI platforms. He has worked in USB, PCI and MMC subsystems in Linux Kernel. He maintains the PCIe driver for DRA7xx and the Generic PHY Subsystem (/drivers/phy... Read More →

Vignesh Raghavendra

Software Engineer, Texas Instruments
Vignesh is one of the maintainers of MTD subsystem in kernel and in U-Boot. He has been contributing to Linux Kernel and U-Boot since 2014 as part of Texas Instruments' Linux development team. He mainly works on storage devices such as QSPI/OSPI, UFS and also on peripherals such as... Read More →

Monday October 5, 2015 16:00 - 16:50
Wicklow Hall 2B


Unveil How to Customize LTSI Test For Your Pllatform - Kengo Ibe, Mitsubishi
LTSI is a collaborative project hosted at the Linux Foundation to create and maintain the production kernel. In addition, there is a sub project for LTSI Test. The purpose of LTSI Test Project is reducing a lot of duplicated effort we are making on testing, so that it creates a common testing platform which everyone can use and benefit from. JTA (Jenkins-based Test Automation) is the common testing platform of LTSI Test Project. JTA has a flexible framework that can add new target boards and new test programs, but there is some important information you had better know. This talk will share my experience of adding Raspberry Pi as a new target board and adding a new test program to JTA. I will show how to work JTA with the demonstrations. Both of maintaining the source tree and testing it are indispensable efforts for the long stable kernels. I hope this talk may help your use of LTSI.


Kengo Ibe

Mitsubishi Electric
Kengo Ibe has been working in Mitsubishi Electric corp. as a Software Engineer since 2012. He is jointing LTSI (Long Term Support Initiative) and AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) of Linux Foundation projects.

Monday October 5, 2015 16:00 - 16:50
Wicklow Hall 2A
Tuesday, October 6


Tutorial: Learning the Basics of Buildroot - Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons
Looking for a simple and efficient tool to build your embedded Linux systems? Be it for minimal systems with just a few tools needed for kernel development, or for real products with a larger set of libraries, Buildroot is a great solution.

Buildroot is the oldest embedded Linux build system still in activity, it supports a wide range of architectures, is used by large companies such as Google, Rockwell Collins or numerous silicon vendors and is maintained and extended by a vibrant vendor-neutral community.

During this tutorial, we'll cover the basics of Buildroot usage through a set of slides and a live demonstration showing how to progressively build an embedded Linux system for a BeagleBone Black. Due to time constraints, hands-on practice by the participants will not be possible.

avatar for Thomas Petazzoni

Thomas Petazzoni

Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons)
Thomas Petazzoni is CTO and embedded Linux developer at Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons). He is a co-maintainer of the Buildroot project and also a contributor to the Linux kernel, helping adding support for Marvell ARM processors.

Tuesday October 6, 2015 14:00 - 15:50
Wicklow Hall 1
Wednesday, October 7


Supporting Multi-Function Devices in the Linux Kernel: A Tour of the mfd, regmap and syscon APIs - Alexandre Belloni, Free Electrons
Some hardware blocks embedded on SoCs or some external peripherals don't expose one single functionality and so they don't fit in a single kernel subsystem. The Multifunction device (MFD) subsystem has been created to handle those devices and allows to register them in various other subsystems to handle each separate functionality. Quite often, the drivers then use the regmap API to abstract and multiplex register accesses through I2C, SPI or MMIO.
There is also a companion API, syscon which allows to create regmaps for registers composed of miscellaneous bits.
This talk will cover those three APIs and illustrate them with examples from existing drivers.


Alexandre Belloni

Embedded Linux, Kernel and Android engineer, Free Electrons
Alexandre joined Free Electrons in 2013, a company offering development, consulting and training services to embedded Linux system developers worldwide. He has been working on embedded systems since 2005, mostly Linux on ARM but also MIPS and x86 and so contributes to the usual projects... Read More →

Wednesday October 7, 2015 10:30 - 11:20
Wicklow Hall 2B